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CTU operates a number of student canteens called “Menza” in Czech language, located on the Dejvice main campus, in the main dormitories, and in some faculty buildings. The canteens offer lunch, and in some cases breakfast, dinner and all-day buffet services in many cases. The canteens are inexpensive, and the food is healthy and nutritious. Of course, the food that you are used to may be very different, and it may take you some time to acquire a taste for Czech food. You will also find meals that are gluten-free. All offered meals are visible on a TV screen so you can see exactly how it looks.

Example of the range of food on offer, with prices for one day lunch:

Soup CZK 12
A la carte special course of the day CZK 80-100
Main dish from the menu CZK 60-80
Vegetarian dish CZK 60-70
Dessert CZK 10-40
A la carte restaurant meal menu CZK 60-90

List of canteens: