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Study Resources

While the CTU faculties have monumental, in some cases impressive classical buildings, since 2009 two very fine modern buildings have transformed the main Dejvice campus. The building of the new National Library of Technology is generally agreed to be inspiring from the outside and awesome from the inside. Many agree that the library concept gives a remarkable answer to the question: What should a modern technical library be like in the modern world? Apart from the library itself, the ground houses complementary facilities such as a conference center, a cafeteria, the CTU bookshop, a large exhibition hall, and even a branch of the Prague 6 children’s li­brary.

The building, opened in 2009, was designed to be an energy-saving ‘intelligent’ building. The area around the building provides a social space and a park so that events can expand into and out of the library. On fine days, the coffee bar flows out into the university campus, and university open-air events, such as International Day, use the space outside the National Technical Library. The interior of the building and the graphic design follow the concept of the technological schoolbook, and many aspects of the design knowingly illustrate how the building was designed and how it functions.

With its 1.2 million volumes, the library on the university campus offers excellent study resources for the whole country. Each faculty building has study rooms and quiet learning areas with a free INTERNET connection. The university publishes inexpensive study notes, which are available at the bookstore in the National Technical Library.

In 2011, another iconic new building opened next to the National Technical Library. The New Building houses the Faculty of Architecture and the Faculty of Information Technology. While it has not received the universal acclaim that has been given to the National Technical Library, this is also a very fine new Czech Technical University facility.

Of course, the university offers more than just an excellent study environment:
– The Faculty of Nuclear Science and Physical Engineering has its own reactors, used in teaching, research, and for training nuclear power plant staff.
– The Faculty of Architecture has 32 different studios and 3 studios dedicated to industrial design
– The Faculty of Biomedical Engineering has a unique artificial lung ventilation unit. This is one of the cutting-edge workplaces in the field
– CTU CarTech at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering has developed and raced its first racing car with a traditional engine and is now developing a racing car with an electric drive