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The Institute of Physical Education and Sports at CTU offers more than 40 types of sports activities. Students can sign up for courses in the countryside or in the mountains in summer and winter. In the summer months, the emphasis is on water sports, ball games, mountaineering, windsurfing and cycling. The main winter sports are cross-country skiing, downhill skiing and snowboarding.

As you have to subscribe for the sport class before the semester starts, international students are recommended to contact the teacher of the sport they would like to participate in, and to discuss how they can enter his/her course. Unfortunately, the Institute of Physical Education and Sports uses mainly Czech language.

ISC Sports

A great alternative to the sports events and training organized by the university are the sports organized by ISC club for international students. ISC sport is mainly recreational, but if you are a serious competitor, ISC will help you to make the necessary contacts. In fact, most sports clubs are very happy to welcome international students who want to play their sport, especially if they will strengthen their team. You can check the ISC sport activities here or you can go directly to the google calendar, where you will find the schedule for all ISC events, including sports