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Approximately 8,000 local and international students are accommodated each year in the CTU dormitories. Rule number one is that each new student shall be offered a place/bed. The accommodation is mainly in shared rooms, and it is not possible to apply for a separate single room at the beginning of the year. In response to many requests for single accommodation, we have tried to find a solution. If you wish to live on your own and there is no single room available, there is an option of getting a double room in a university dormitory for 1½ times the price for a bed in a double room.

MIN 56 CZK/ 2.1 EUR/ 2.2 USD
MAX 137 CZK/5.1 E­UR/5.5 USD
See a price list (prices in CZK per bed per night)

University accommodation normally means a shared rooms, two-bed rooms, in some cases even a three-bed room. The university accommodation is inexpensive and conveniently located, with unlimited high-speed internet access. Rooms are equipped with a bed, table, chair, wardrobe, shoe cabinet, table light – for each student. Depending on the dormitory, there is one bathroom and one toilet shared by two or three rooms together. In some dormitories, there is just one big bathroom and toilet facility on each floor.
There are typically one or two kitchen rooms equipped with a fridge, refrigerator, microwave, cooker, big table, chairs and cutlery. Internet is available at all dormitories in each room. For the internet connection, you usually pay CZK 800/USD 32 per semester. Bed linen is changed every 2–3 weeks, without charge. Each dorm has a “laundromat” for washing personal items.

For booking use this contact:
To confirm your reservation at a dormitory, you will be asked to pay a refundable deposit. To check-in upon your arrival, you need your passport and 1 photograph (about 3.5×4.5 cm). You will sign the accommodation contract. Students are recommended to take out insurance on declared items of personal property, which will otherwise not be insured. The easiest way is to do this by filling in the appropriate form and paying the charge when you move into the dorm. If you arrive after office hours, you will be accommodated by receptions and must go to the accommodation office the next working day during office hours.
Official site of Service Facilities Administration of the Czech Technical University in Prague

CTU Accommodation cards
The cards are available in each dormitory and they will help you to communicate about basic dormitory services. You will find the following cards here: iron, vacuum cleaner, washing machine, dryer, study room, changing your bed linen, breakages & damage, faults & breakdowns, theft, changing your room, reserving sports facilities, visitors, night-time peace and quiet.
Take your cards anywhere you go, just scan with your smartphone any of the following QR codes or download by clicking on them: