International Student Club

International Student Club is a student organisation that can help you especially at the beginning of your stay to settle in new environment. Later on, you can take part in the trips and social events ISC organises for all international students or join various language courses

One of the first things you should do, when you arrive and accommodate yourself at the dormitory is to register in the club at the ISC office at Masarykova dormitory. 

Why would you actually go to the ISC office?

Paying the ISC membership fee (i.e. CZK 500/ about USD 20) entitles you to

  • a Czech phone SIM card with a credit worth CZK 200 (about USD 8).
  • a lovely ISC and CTU brand t-shirt “I was there” with pictures of Prague.
  • use the computers and printers in the ISC office
  • attend trips organized by the club
  • use ESN card to obtain discounts at some hostels and many other places not only in Prague, but in all Europe.

How do you get to ISC office?

Address: Thákurova 1, 160 00, Praha 6 Room: R304
For more information visit ISC websites

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