Yelena, Kazakhstan

CTU STUDENT 2012-2014

ERASMUS MUNDUS MASTER PROGRAMME in Computer Systems and Networks


After I finished my bachelor studies I was offered a job, in which I was able to apply the theory that I had studied and build a deeper understanding of the entire process. I appreciated this experience, since I learned to collaborate with others in various aspects of creating software, and I became more certain that a career in computer science was what I wanted. But to achieve success, extensive knowledge of various fields of science was needed, and also top notch experience in integrating the insights of engineering and computer science. I wanted to get a relevant qualification, to keep challenging myself and, in the long run, to achieve something in my professional field. My aim was to find the right university, and I started investigating. I read a lot of information on the internet and went to various presentations on education. Then went to a presentation about the Erasmus Mundus programme that had opened at my university. I carefully studied the conditions for the programme, and found out that I could study at CTU.

Good rating, location and positive reviews.

Several universities are participating in the programme, and to make a decision I needed to check what facilities and advantages they all offer.  After investigating the study programmes and reading testimonials from past Erasmus Mundus scholarship winners, I was confident in my decision to apply for the Czech Technical University in Prague. The main factors were the existence of my study programme, the good rating and location of the university, and positive reviews.

So far it has been a great experience for me.

Very friendly and approachable teachers and university staff, and a magical international atmosphere have made my studies here really interesting and informative. The Czech Technical University is a very decent place to realize my goals. From the first moments I fell in love with our faculty building, which is a very unusual place. Due to the fact that we share it with the faculty of architecture, and they are known to be very creative people, we are exposed to very interesting objects, exhibitions, sculptures, etc. Our teachers are mostly very well versed in English, and offer interesting material. Our faculty is well equipped for solving practical problems. From any computer that has internet, I have access to run applications on a university cluster. I should add that most of the teachers are very competent and knowledgeable people, though some of them are young and are still working on their doctoral studies.

I’ve met a lot of extraordinary people and have learned a lot.

Speaking about studying at the CTU in Prague as an international student, I have to mention Strahov. The dormitory complex offers a unique atmosphere for communication, leisure and sport. There are so many places where you can meet and chat over a cup of tea or a beer, play pool or table football. 

CTU in Prague offers very good opportunities to advance in almost all technical areas. In addition, you are surrounded by individuals who are as passionate about science and languages as I am. I look forward to participating in research at the university, as well as social events and classwork.  All these things are helping me to become the best specialist I can possibly be. 

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