Radhika, India

CTU STUDENT 2011-2014

Bachelor programme in Power Engineering and Process Technology 

Part of the European Credit System.

The choice of studying in the Czech Republic was very easy for me: my father has a job here, and I had heard of CTU as being a very well-reputed technical university. I am used to travelling around the world and have lived in many different countries. The key factor I was interested in was the posibility of transferring the credits, and also recognition of the credits from my Bachelor degree courses in Master programs at other universities. There is a good credit system called ECTS (European Credit Transfer System), which is used by most of the European countries as well as at CTU in Prague, which makes it easy to transfer credits among European universities and also apply for various master programmes.

Also, I was looking for universities with a good reputation.CTU is the oldest technical university in the Czech Republic, which also helped me to decide which university is the most suitable for me. I was surprised that classes for international students are quite small. But I take it as an advantage as the study is more intensive. I see the biggest value of studying at CTU in 1. the amount of different resources that the university provides (the National Technical Library is on the campus and offers access to a database of theses and other works), 2. The big number of different labs, and 3. professors who are very helpful.

One thing that I was not really prepared for was the cold climate during winter! Student life in Prague means a lot of parties and cultural nights. These events are often held for all students, regardless of the university. There is a very large international community that is more than willing to help all international students and expats to find a new home in Prague.

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