Adithya, India

CTU STUDENT 2009 - 2014

Master programme in Electrical Power Engineering at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering 

After my bachelor degree I was thinking of studying abroad, especially in the EU. I chose universities in 5 countries - UK, France, Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic. Before arriving at a decision in each country, I assessed the university I was applying to, based on: 1. university ranking, 2. country profile, 3. affordability, 4. scholarship opportunities, 5. relation between university and industry. CTU in Prague has lived up to my aspirations, and enabled me to study abroad.

"I made a good decision coming here."

The Czech Republic has a large industrial and manufacturing base and our university is well connected with the industry. The cost of living is pretty decent compared to the above mentioned countries. And the people respect diversity, i.e. they are very humble and value traditions and culture. There are interesting internship opportunities as well, and I got much needed industrial experience from Procter & Gamble.

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