CTU Career Centre

The CTU Career Centre offers free-of-charge services to all CTU students and recent graduates until up to three years after graduation. The Career Centre provides employment services, supports students in career planning and provides help with looking for employment opportunities.

The staff at the Career Centre offer you help with the following:

  • Career education: The Career Centre offers individual career counselling, seminars for groups of English speaking students and an education camp, which takes place shortly before the beginning of the academic year.
  • The individual counselling is arranged on a previously agreed by appointment with an HR specialist who can give individual consultations to – up to 4 English speaking students within one day.
  • Looking for employment opportunities: the Career Centre publishes vacancies offered by companies who seek students with an education in engineering and technology. Please note that the Centre does not provide job placements – it prepares students for their prospective careers, trains the skills they need when looking for a job and publishes job offers from university partners. See actual offers here.
  • Testing: You can take various career oriented tests that diagnose your skills and abilities and may help you decide about your future career. For English speakers only after previous arrangement.

Contact: kariera@cvut.cz

Location: CTU rectorate, Department of PR and Marketing, room B3–209 Zikova 4, Praha 6 (on the main CTU campus)


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