CTU in Prague has its own dedicated website that reflects the current situation:

  • Basic information
  • Important contacts 
  • Details of measures and rules (governmental and university)
  • Admission and dormitory information
  • CTU contributions against the pandemic
  • FAQ

You can read the lastest version of the Rector's Order on reducing the risk of coronavirus infection.

CTU Lion recommends to wear your mask, keep distance from other people, a good ammount of exercise, vitamines and Sun. 

Coronavirus causes a flu-like illness that may be very dangerous especially for people whose health is already compromised. It spreads from person to person when people are in close contact via droplets of infected fluid. Symptoms do not appear immediately, but only after 7 to 14 days after exposure. The situation is serious, and this webpage provides a summary of the most important information that will be continuously updated as the situation develops.
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