Insurance and Health Care

As a student you are required to take out insurance. Of the 53 insurers listed with the Czech National Bank, five offer health insurance for foreigners who meet the criteria mentioned above. These insurers are: PVZP, Maxima, Slavia, UNIQA, and Ergo. When you apply for a visa, the Czech foreign police and Czech consulates will require proof of Czech health insurance before they issue the visa. Check prices in the Czech health insurance for expats & foreigners page :

Remember that public general practitioners (first-instance doctors) have a contract with one or more of the health insurance companies. You should signup with a local doctor very soon after you arrive – we recommend the student health centre on the main Dejvice university campus. Before you sign up with a local doctor, check that he or she has a contract with your insurance company. You can visit a doctor who has a contract with a different healthcare company only in cases when “essential” and “urgent” treatment is required. You will probably have to pay, and then ask your insurance company to reimburse you (retain all documentation). Note that public healthcare insurance does not cover you if you visit a private clinic, dentist, or hospital. As far as dental treatment is concerned, your insurance will probably only cover ‘emergencies’, and not routine treatment or orthodontic services.

Prescriptions are issued through doctors and dispensed by pharmacies. You will probably be asked to pay for the medicines and reclaim the money from your insurance company. In the Czech Republic all medications, including aspirin, can be bought only in a pharmacy. Pharmacies sell some medicines over-the-counter, without a pescription. By international standards prices of medicines, and of public medical and dental services, are low, and the quality is good.

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