Adithya India

Adithya, India

CTU STUDENT 2009 - 2014

Master programme in Electrical Power Engineering at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering 

After my bachelor degree I was thinking of studying abroad, especially in the EU. I chose universities ...

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Alejandra, U.S.A.

CTU STUDENT 2011-2012

Master's dual-degree program in Transport and Logistic Systems.

Studying in the Czech Republic has been a very enriching experience. The Atlantis program at CTU provides a once ...

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Gonçalo, Portugal

CTU STUDENT 2012-2013


Sustainable Constructions under Natural Hazards and Catastrophic Events (SUSCOS)


During a past trip through Europe, I visited Prague and I completely imagined myself living here. From ...

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Igor, Serbia

CTU STUDENT 2013-2015

Master programme in Architecture and Urbanism at the Faculty of Architecture

I learned about CTU via internet and via studyatctu.com website, but I got some of the best hints ...
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Ji Hoo, South Korea

CTU STUDENT 2010-2013

Bachelor programme at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

My decision to study at the Czech Technical University was made after a thorough review of the choices I had ...

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Julia Ukrajina

Julia, Ukraine

TU STUDENT 2012-2014

ERASMUS MUNDUS MASTER PROGRAMME in Computer Systems and Networks

Study abroad and enjoy.

In winter semester 2011/2012 I did an exchange semester in Regensburg in Germany. It was a ...

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Miguel, Portugal

CTU STUDENT 2011-2015

PhD programme at the Center for Machine Perception

The current job offers for MSc and BSc graduates are often unchallenging. A PhD programme will always present itself as an academic ...

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Oleg Ukrajina

Oleg, Ukraine

CTU STUDENT 2012-2016

PhD programme in the Department of Architecture at the Faculty of Civil Engineering

My first collaboration with CTU in Prague was in the framework of the International Visegrad Fund scholarship ...

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Radhika India

Radhika, India

CTU STUDENT 2011-2014

Bachelor programme in Power Engineering and Process Technology 

Part of the European Credit System.

The choice of studying in the Czech Republic was very easy for me: my father has ...

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Ridho, Indonesia

CTU STUDENT 2012 - 2012

Master Degree programme in Open Informatics

Pursuing a master degree in Open Informatics at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Czech Technical University in Prague, is one of the best ...

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Tamás, Hungary

CTU STUDENT 2012-2013


Sustainable Constructions under Natural Hazards and Catastrophic Events (SUSCOS)


I have always held the view that the best way to become a professional in my field ...

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Yelena Kazachstan

Yelena, Kazakhstan

CTU STUDENT 2012-2014

ERASMUS MUNDUS MASTER PROGRAMME in Computer Systems and Networks


After I finished my bachelor studies I was offered a job, in which I was able to apply the theory that ...

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