Programme: Bio­medical and Clinical Technology

Master Degree (2 years)

Tuition Fee (per year)

Bachelor Degree
CZK 110 000 (approx. EUR 4 300, USD 5 100)
Master Degree
CZK 132 000 (approx. EUR 5 160, USD 6 100)
Doctoral Degree
CZK 138 000 (approx. EUR 5 400, USD 6 400)

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Deadline for Application

31. 3. 2018

 (Aplication period from 1.12. 2017 - 31.3. 2018)

Form of Study


Study Advisor

Our study advisor is available to answer your questions.

Skype: studyatCTU

Contact the faculty for consultation and assistance.

Lucie Kulhánková

Fields of Study

  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Systematic Integration of Processes in Health Service
  • Instruments and Methods for Biomedicine

Entrance Exams

  • Yes
  • Motivation Letter
  • proficiency in English

Entry Requierements

  • fully compleated application form
  • admission fee CZK 600 (approx. EUR 22)
  • relevant bachelor degree

Level of English

  • proficiency in English (controlled interview through Skype)
  • may be the results of the successful CEMACUBE study program entrance examination
  • may be a certificate of passing the school-leaving or state examination in English


  • not for the first year students

Study in Russian

  • Study branches Biomedical Engineering and Systematic Integration of Processes in Health Service are offered also in Russian language. More information on faculty website

For specific information about requirements consult the Faculty website

Other faculty websites Ventilatory team, Conference, Health Technology Assessment

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