Career Prospects

There is high demand for graduates from all technical fields on the Czech and European job markets. A degree from the Czech Technical University in Prague may help you find your first full-time job relatively easily, and usually much more quickly than graduates from other fields, especially the humanities, the natural sciences, etc.

Our graduates usually find work within their expert field, and they occupy various positions in technically oriented companies, especially in research and development departments. About one half of our graduates take up managerial positions, and some work as consultants in international corporations. Unlike local enterprises, international companies often do not require knowledge of the Czech language. Some of our students start their own companies, in some cases even while still studying at CTU.

Here are some testimonials from our international graduates:

Rafael, Spain, co-founder and CEO of WhoWants2 „I now run my own company but I consider it was really easy to find my previous job at Oracle. There are several job portals and social networks that helped me a lot. My experience from CTU was relevant for Oracle; moreover, most of my colleagues are former CTU students who value CTU graduates. Nevertheless, I had the chance to open my own company, and this is my greatest motivation for staying and working in the Czech Republic.“

Benjamin, France, project manager at Faurecia „I found my current job by sending a resume and a cover letter to an international company. Finding a job took me less than a month. At work, I use basic Czech, English and French. My major motivation for working in the Czech Republic is to gain international experience.“

Liborio, Spain, Quality Assurance Engineer: “Finding a job was surprisingly easy. A friend of mine told me: “My company is looking for peopleˮ. So I sent my CV. The company called me and we had an interview and a skills test. Two months later, they called me again and said that I was hired. Big companies and international companies are always looking for people. The best way to get a job there is to have a referral, so: make friends!"

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