Intensive English Language Courses

Language courses at the Masaryk Institute of Advanced Studies

Masaryk Institute of Advanced Studies is an autonomous educational institute founded in 1992. For those interested in studying at the Czech Technical University in Prague and other Czech universities MIAS offers courses and certified examination in the English language at different levels according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

The courses start in mid-September and finish in May. They are divided into 2 semesters with mid-of-year holidays in between (mid-December – mid January).

They provide a focused intensive study from A0 Level to B2 Level of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) which is aimed at

  • preparing students for university studies in English
  • developing students´ language competence as independent users

After finishing the course successfully, the students get a Certificate with the course description and evaluation of the exam. The graduate should be able to use the acquired knowledge and skills in everyday situations, while dealing with authorities and in their studies.

On the additional value to the educational curriculum is gaining experience & satisfaction, finding inspiration, broadening horizons and new perspectives in the global workplace.

How to enrol in a course

  1. To confirm your study enrolment, we need several documents from you:
  • the application form
  • a motivation letter
  • the scan of your passport
  1. As soon as we have your application form, the motivation letter and the scan of your passport, we will send you the billing details.
  2. After receiving your full payment carried out by bank transfer, we can complete the registration process and confirm your enrolment.
  3. The Letter of Acceptance will be sent by e-mail and post. The Letter of Acceptance is issued for one full academic year.

Course applications are accepted no later than June 30th.

To make sure that your place in the course is secured, please, keep the deadlines.

We kindly ask visa applicants to check visa processing and waiting times to be able to enrol in time.

If you require more information or need additional support, please contact International Office:

Prerequisites for the English course:  Latin alphabet, English at level B1 (according to the Common European Framework of Reference)

Number of students in a class: 5-15/17

The tuition fee of the English course is  CZK 120 000 which is approx. EUR 4 440  for one full academic year, that is 2 semesters (including 0% VAT)

It includes the tuition fee CZK 110 000 which is approx EUR 4 070 and the admission fee CZK 10 000 which is approx EUR 370.Admission fee is not refunded in case you do not obtain the visa or do not enter the course for any other reasons.

The fee includes:

560 in class lessons, guided independent learning, project team work, seminar paper writing, electives, regular revisions and feedback, consultations, progress test and final exam. Optional:

Czech Basics for Study and Communication

The fee does not include:

Personal and travel expenses, accommodation, alimentation, enhanced course materials and co-curriculum student activities.

Successful candidates can receive the Course Certificate if they accomplish their study in the two semesters (attendance, pro-active approach, completing homework assignments) and if they score 67% minimum in the Final test.


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