Research Facilities

The Czech Technical University in Prague is one of the largest research institutions not only in the Czech Republic but all over the world. We cover a broad range of research in many fields
of engineering. 

This site introduces a short cross-section of the research facilities at CTU, most of which collaborate closely with national and international research institutes, and also with the private sector.

Centre for Effective and Sustainable Transport Infrastructure (CESTI)

Focused on technical innovations aimed at eliminating deficiencies in today’s transport infrastructure.

Centre for Applied Cybernetics (CAK)

The center works on basic, applied, and industrial research in the field of cybernetics, and on subsequent industrial implementations.

Advanced Technologies for Heat and Electricity Production

Focused on applying the latest knowledge in the field of heating, characteristics of fuels, the efficiency of equipment, reducing self-consumption and optimization of distribution networks.

Cooperating Robots for Improved Manufacturing Capabilities

Single robots have limited manufacturing capabilities because they have less accuracy and stiffness than machine tools. This can be significantly improved by cooperation between two or more robots, where several concepts from mechanics, mechatronics, and control are combined.

Josef Bozek Research Centre of Engine and Automotive Engineering

Focused on developing spark ignition engines (gasoline, gas, alternative fuels) and diesel engines for cars and heavy-duty vehicles. The Centre is an official partner of Gamma Technologies, Inc., the leader in specialized engine simulation software.

Doppler Institute for Mathematical Physics and Applied Mathematics

The mission of the institute is to create a first-class research center in the field of mathematical physics and applied mathematics within the horizon of one generation and strong ties
to leading European institutes.

Human-Computer Interaction Group 

NaviTerier navigation system for vision-impaired people: The project is to design and implement a system for indoor navigation of vision-impaired people using mobile telephones.
Input devices for people with motor impairments: We develop dedicated techniques for analyzing sound and bio-signals that we use to control the emulators of standard input devices.
Examples of our applications include voice-controlled computer games and entering text by processing myoelectric signals.

Klokner Institute

Provides expert services for the state administration and for private clients in the field of national and international standardization in civil engineering. The Institute plays a key role in developing international collaboration in R&D.

Czech Institute of Informatics, Robotics, and Cybernetics

CIIRC will build on the successful tradition of cybernetics and informatics teams at CTU and will support long-term specific research collaboration with leading global companies and with Czech businesses.

Know more about the research at CTU at the official web page here.

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