Faculty of Civil Engineering


Faculty of Civil engineering The faculty has its own underground education center, the Josef Gallery, where students take practical on-site training in a real underground environment. The faculty is a member of ETCP – the European Construction Technology Platform. CTU student Jan Tilinger is implementing the Sun School project in the Indian Himalayas.

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering


Faculty of Mechanical Engineering The CarTech team of students is now developing its third formula-type racing car with an internal combustion engine and also its first formula-type racing car with an electric drive. The car competes in races at the Hockenheim circuit in Germany every year.

Faculty of Electrical Engineering


Faculty of Electrical Engineering The faculty generates 40% of the research results that count towards CTU's ranking as a major research university. It offers double degree and joint degree programmes. It is the only faculty in Europe that cooperates in research programs with all sections of the US Army. Is in 5th place in the Czech Republic out of a total of 373 research organisations evaluated by the Council for Research and Development CTU student Michal Kubínyi is a PhD student in the department of Measurement, the first CTU student and also the first Czech to participate in an international research project at NASA's Ames Research Center.

Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering


Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering This is the only faculty in the Czech Republic that has “nuclear” departments. It is the only faculty in the Czech Republic that enables its students to work directly on a fusion reactor and also on a fission reactor. The faculty has its own VR – 1 nuclear reactor and the Golem fusion tokamak.

Faculty of Architecture


Faculty of Architecture The faculty has a system of 32 vertical studios led by professors, senior lecturers and experienced architects. In 2010, the faculty introduced a new study programme in Industrial Design, with 3 different studios. The faculty moved into a fine new modern building in 2011.

Faculty of Transport Sciences


Faculty of Transportation Sciences The faculty has a specific form of project-orientated education, and carries out research in close cooperation with experts from industry.

Faculty of Biomedical Engineering


Faculty of Biomedical Engineering This is the only faculty specializing in work at the interface between technology and medicine. It is engaged in research on nanotechnologies for medicine, is developing new types of biocompatible thin layers /surfaces for implants, stents and new types of sensors. The faculty has a unique artificial lung ventilation unit. It is one of the cutting-edge workplaces in the field, contributing particulary to the area of high-frequency ventilation. Applications to study at the faculty have risen by almost one quarter within the last year.

Faculty of Information Technologies


Faculty of Information Technologies The faculty has a department for forensic analysis of evidence of a digital nature, and also carries out studies of methods for automating data mining processes. Research is being done on robots navigated by a stereoscopic camera, and on robotic toys suitable as accessories for voice communication between man and computer. The field of arbology has been established and developed at the faculty – this is a new theory providing a unified view of tree algorithms.

MIAS School of Business

MIAS building MIAS students

MIAS School of Business The core activities of MIAS have included teaching in publicly accredited University programmes, granting its graduates corresponding undergraduate, graduate and doctoral degrees. In the early nineties, MIAS has acquired JASPEX, an experienced and prestigious provider of language education, which has contributed to MIAS becoming a leading and certified institution in the area of general and specialized language training for academics, professionals and the general public. MIAS and its faculty also participate in numerous research projects, both domestic and international, and provide advisory services and training programmes for companies, professional bodies, public agencies, as well as for other academic and non-academic units of the CTU.

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