Student ID Card/ISIC Card

As a student of CTU you have two options: use a Czech Technical University student ID card, or use an ISIC card (International Student Identity Card). On the CTU campus, these two cards are equivalent, but in the rest of the world an ISIC card qualifies students for many reductions.

What is a student ID card or an ISIC used for?

  • To enter the faculties (at most of the entrances at the university you have to pass through a tourniquet)
  • To pay at the university canteens (so called “menza”)
  • To print files or make copies on the campus
  • To enter and to be able to use books from the Czech National Technical Library and other libraries on the campus
  • To identify yourself as a student
  • To prove that you are student for the city public transport card
  • An ISIC card qualifies you for a wide range of student discounts, all over the world. To see where and for what you can use an ISIC card, visit

Prices of the cards

  • Issuing an ISIC card CZK 250 (about USD 10/EUR 9)
  • Changing an ISIC card for a CTU student ID card CZK 450 (about USD 18/EUR 16.6)
  • Prolongation of the cards CZK 150 (about USD 6/ EUR 5.5)
  • CTU ID cards are issued free-of-charge. (However, private students from abroad will want access to the privileges that an ISIC card qualifies you for)

Where are the cards issued?

They are issued at the CIPS centre on the Dejvice campus. See the map here.

Vydavatelství průkazů ČVUT
Bechyňova 3, Praha 6

Office hours

  • Mo- Thu 8:00 – 15:30
  • Fri 8:00 – 15:00
  • Phone +420 22435 8472, +420 22435 8471, +420 22435 8467

You can reserve an appointment at this office online, and avoid queueing. At the beginning of the first semester, this office is very busy, so go there as soon as you are registered as a student, and benefit from student reductions as soon as you can.

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