Registration of Courses

After you have arrived and settled in your dormitory room, keep in mind that the first thing on your list is to visit the study department of your faculty. You will be told about your schedule, student ID, and given other valuable information there.

To register for courses, you have to follow your specific study plan according to the study programme that you have chosen.

For details of how to register and what courses you should register for in the 1st semester, ask at the study department of your faculty or ask your faculty coordinator or contact person. The procedures vary from faculty to faculty and according to the study programme that you have applied for.

During the semester, the time will come when you will need to register for your exams. At that time you will need to sign up at the so-called KOS system, which is the university’s system for registering for courses, registering for exams and recording your results.

Visit to sign up.

When you register at the CIPS centre, you will receive your identification and password needed to sign up for KOS, and your CTU student ID or ISIC card will be issued to you. The identification and password are given to you on a little strip of paper).

If you are already logged in and you need to register for an exam, click on to the Credits and Exams section, where you can choose the course you want to take an exam in, check the dates and enrol. You will need the KOS system especially for registration and for the courses at the beginning of each semester (except the 1st semester, or if the study department gives you other information).

  1. Choose the section “Subjects” Is it really called subjects – the correct term is ‘courses’
  2. Then go to “SubjectCourse enrollment – according to study plan”
  3. There are several boxes according to the semester (1.S. = 1st semester, 2.S.= 2nd semester), and you choose only the courses that you wish to take, and then submit.

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