Registration After Arrival

Registration in the Czech Republic

When you arrive in the Czech Republic, you must register with the Alien police within three working days, presenting your passport and evidence of travel medical insurance. This is done by the accommodator(Dor­mitory, Hotel, or Inn). It can also be done by the Landlord of the flat that FILLS IN the TENANT BOOK („Domovní kniha“ in czech). Please ask your landlord if he does this. In case the landlord of your flat does not have the Tenant book, you are obliged to register individually at the Alien Police branch (for Prague: Olšanská 2 / B, Praha – Žižkov

Long Term Residence Permit for Study Purposes

It is a document for citizens outside EU / Schengen, that is needed if you are here to stay for more than 90 days for the purpose of study. You can submit an application through the Immigration police branch that manages your city district. The permit is valid for 6 months, works as visa C / D extension and itself can be also extended.

Carrying Passport and Insurance card around the City

If the police stops you on a street, they will want to see two things – passport (with visa) and an insurance card. PLEASE NOTE : do not show your original passport to anyone else. Carry also a copy of your passport/visa, and show those to the authorities! Only the police needs to see the original.

Distinguishing Between Police Departments

  • Immigration police – Handles the visa / residence permit applications. It has several branches. You apply at the branch that belongs to districts in which you live. It has several addresses.
  • Alien police – Handles the arrival registrations to Czech republic. For Prague it is the branch with address Olšanska 2 / B, Praha – Žižkov. DO NOT CONFUSE IT WITH THE IMMIGRATION POLICE !
  • Ministry of internal affairs (Ministry of interior) – Handles only appeals or special cases

Visa Extension

The validity of the long-term residence permit for the purpose of “studies” in the Czech Republic can be repeatedly extended, but cannot be extended for a period longer than 2 years. You can a request visa extension through the Alien police, 90–14 days before your Day-duration of visa expires.


Integration Centre Prague

Integration Centre Prague is a public service organisation operating in the field of integrating third-country nationals in Prague. It provides FREE social and legal counselling, Czech language courses, socio-cultural courses, as well as carrying out social work.

CTU in Prague cooperates closely with the ICPrague Centre in Žitná Street, which is near I.P. Pavlova metro station, where CTU students from third countries can find free internet access, a multilingual library and an opportunity to use its spaces for their own purposes and activities, for meetings of foreigners communities, celebrating national holidays, free-time activities and other events.

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