There are several banks in the Czech Republic providing banking services in English and offering a bank account aimed at students.

When you look for a new bank account do not forget to check the following:

  • Necessary documents (note that you will need an official confirmation that you are a student of CTU in Prague. CTU degree-seeking students can easily obtain this confirmation from their faculty contact person; Erasmus students can obtain it from the University International Office (Lucie Bilova))
  • The cost for maintaining a monthly account – monthly cost for a debit card
  • Banking fees (international transfers, cash withdrawal via an ATM of your own bank and via an ATM of a different bank, etc.)
  • The possibility of internet banking

Generally, it is recommended to search only for “Student” accounts as their terms are in most cases better than terms of other types of bank account.

Bank offices might be closed during lunchtime, so check opening hours before a visit.

There are some ATMs on the Dejvice campus:

  • Česká Spořitelna (National Technical Library – ground floor)
  • FIO Banka (Masarykova Dormitory – entrance hall)
  • Komerční Banka (Faculty of Civil Engineering – outside the main entrance)

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